Student Co-ordinator and Host Family

Student Co-ordinator and Host Family

Your son daughter will be assigned a local Student co-ordinator who will be their key contact to support and guide them throughout the programme.  All of our co-ordinators are experienced in education and student exchange.  They have close links with both the school and the community where your son/daughter will live.

We offer a very hands on service with weekly visits in September and fortnightly visits from October.  Should a student need help at any time they should contact their co-ordinator.

On Arrival:

Your son/daughter will be met by their student co-ordinator and their host family.  They will be safely transported to their host family home.  The student co-ordinator will be their contact throughout the stay.

Care and Attention

In addition to our student co-ordinator, our office will be available to support and guide your child throughout the programme.  We are committed to providing the highest level of service to your child.